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Welcome Ventura USBC Youth Bowlers.
They are now a part of the NLAC USBC!

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To: Youth Directors and League Secretaries;

We have presented National High Game & Series awards to some very deserving youth bowlers in the last couple of years. I would like to see more apps sent to us to be processed. Only 2 centers from NLAC sent in team award apps. The applications are provided to each league. Please take the time to fill out the apps and send them in. You never know – you might have some team that was the highest in nation and never turned in. App has 2, 3, 4, 5, person teams and all adult male, female, mixed, & youth bowlers. With all minimum qualifying scores listed, scratch scores only. Make a difference, look at what is offered and take advantage of it. Bowlers dues pay for this. All Associations will process the awards to national for recognition. It only takes a few minutes to do. Thank you for all you do…

Tom Leigh
NLAC, Director

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Tom presents Michelle Silver her three First Place awards on 11/20/14 at Corbin Bowl for her outstanding performance in the 2014 CUSBC Women’s Championships – Stockton. 1st Place Classic Div All-Events 1962 1st Place Doubles: Michelle Silver/Debbie Ayers 1308 1st Place Team – Silver Dollars: Michelle Silver, Dawn Stephens-Lewis, Stacie Watson, Debbie Ayers 2384.

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