• OFFICE HOURS: Wednesdays: 10am–2pm
    All other times, please call for appointment. Thank you.


2018-19 SEASON


Gary Montgomery President
Tish Plotkin Vice President
Tom Leigh Assoc. Manager
Christine A. Drew
Paul Fogle
Ann Jones
Thomas Leigh
Eric Ott
Deanna Peters
Gladys Stevenson
Mark Yokomizo
Earlene Young


Tom Leigh Chair
Jim Beilowitz
Elizabeth Bergeron
Derek Delgado
Steve DiBartolomeo
Daniel Giegoldt
Blake Jozwiakowski
Dan Kavitch
Rocky Leigh
Ubuild Lenon
Jesse Luna
Tish Plotkin
Mario Rodriguez
Angel Zobel-Rodriguez
Suzanne Thomas
Rico Ulanday


Bowlmor Santa Monica Phil Yoakum
BRC Zone Sands
BRC Zone Vista
Corbin Bowl Gary Montgomery
Jewel City Yvonne Buchanan
Matador Lanes Gene Mars
Pickwick Bowl Bob Olivia
Santa Clarita Bowl Craig Goodman
Shatto 39
Valencia Lanes Fran & Mike Brandt
Winnetka Bowl Ken Doolittle, Fran & Mike Brandt


One of the ways for us to better serve the membership of this association is to involve non-board members as center representatives.  Each center has a director assigned to represent the association.
We certainly cannot be at each center 24/7 and are looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming more involved at their own center such as presenting awards and delivering association correspondence and material between the association office and center.  Ideal persons would be league secretaries, league officers, people who bowl multiple leagues or those that just want to be more active and involved.  Please call the office at (818) 810-6263 if you are interested or need more information.
Nomination Form


Committees meet regularly to conduct association business, chairperson reporting back to the Board of Directors with any actions needing Board approval. Each committee consists of elected board members & members-at-large, appointed by the association president. Anyone interested in joining a particular committee, please contact the association office. Association President is member Ex-Officio of all committees.
Each committee has a specific function and duty and YOUR input could play an important role in shaping the future of this organization.
COMMITTEES: Awards, Nominating, Finance, Tournament, Legislative/Policy & Procedure, Lane Certification, Fundraising, Publicity, Youth and BVL.

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