Alyse McCown Wins Top USBC Honor
by Fred Eisenhammer


Alyse McCown receives a plaque commemorating her seasonlng achievement from Bryan Alpert (L) of Corbin Bowl and Gary Montgomery of the North Los Angeles County USBC

GLENDALE – It was Mission Accomplished for Alyse McCown. A year ago, McCown had told a reporter that she had hoped to win the North Los Angeles County USBC honor for posting the top women’s average for the 2015-16 season.

Earlier this month, McCown received that very award in a presentation at Corbin Bowl in Tarzana.

McCown fashioned a 221 average at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale – outdistancing Kelly Gold, who finished with a 215 average. Coincidentally, McCown and Gold are both Corbin Bowl employees.

The 28-year-old McCown, a North Hollywood resident, had also won the honor as a junior bowler. I’m very excited,” McCown said. “My goal for the past season was to win this award. “McCown, a powerful right-handed bowler, has racked up four perfect games and has blasted a 798 series in her career. McCown said she had not set a new goal. But an 800 series seems to be well within range. Both McCown and Gold have been within a whisker of reaching that milestone.

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