diddy memorial picby Bill Mossontte

MISSION HILLS — For far too many years I was plagued by Diddy Watts. I was constantly irritated by her incessant badgering. She was always wanting something.

“Can we use the parking lot for a car wash for the juniors?”
“Can we run a 50/50 so we can pay for the juniors to go to State Tournament?”
“Can we hold yet another junior tournament for almost nothing lineage?”

I knew every time she knocked at my door it was going to cost something. She didn’t care, it was about the kids. She came to me dozens of times over the years to let a junior bowl at no charge because there were money issues in the family. One time I caught a local 12 year old boy lighting our trash can on fire and held him so I could call the police. Diddy said to let her handle it. The next thing I knew he was our newest junior bowler, at no charge of course. He bowled for years.  Five years ago he came to see me to apologize for what he had done years earlier. He told me that Diddy changed his life.

Anyone who dealt with Diddy on a regular basis got mad at her at one time or another, myself included. You really couldn’t stay mad because it was always over something to do with the kids and everyone knew Diddy was always about the kids.

They say you don’t know what you have until you lose it. I just wish I could hear that knock at my door and have Diddy standing there ready for a fight because as you know Diddy was all about the kids.

“Once you leave this earth for a better place some day, the only gifts you get to keep are the ones you give away.”

Diddy was a long time Association Director and Officer for the SFV YABA, NLAC USBC, CSYABA and CUSBC.  She ran the Pepsi Championships District #5 tournament for many years as well as the State Scratch Tournament and helping tremendously with the Youth State Tournament. She will be dearly missed by all!

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