Bowlers Flip Over Their Fun Antics
by Fred Eisenhammer

WINNETKA – It’s called “handstand bowling.” At least that’s what James Kerr and Taylor Krasne call it. Bowlers shouldn’t try this at home. Nor should they attempt such an athletic move at a bowling center. But just for fun on one very late Tuesday night at Winnetka Bowl, the two 30-year-olds from Westwood pulled off this feat – James bowling between the hands of Taylor, who was in the midst of a handstand. No one got hurt, but the less-agile and less-adventurous should definitely not attempt this. It was the first time James and Taylor had tried such a stunt and it actually went well. Several times James aimed his shot down the middle and . . . “once, it looked like it was going to be a strike,” James said laughing, “but I left the 6 and 10 pins.” James said they hadn’t planned on such hijinks, that it was just some spontaneity between two friends. The two, incidentally, are equipped for this athleticism – Taylor is a professional stuntwoman and a circus artist. “She teaches all kinds of circus acts,” said James, adding that “she’s used to doing a bunch of circus acts, so she always does crazy flips.” James, for his part, is a natural athlete. His also is a screen writer and rising star in acting. James, who has numerous networks acting credits, is one of the lead actors in a World War II movie that will be released Sept. 6 at select Laemmle theaters. It’s called “Dauntless.” As for whether the two will be involved in more “handstand bowling,” James said, “Oh, yeah, I’m sure.” Bowling centers, beware!

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