Charles Kenny Rips Off Stunning 876 Series

California Bowling News
by Fred Eisenhammer

Charles Kenny set his series high of 876 with games of 300, 277 and 299. Photo by Fred Eisenhammer

Charles Kenny set his series high of 876 with games of 300, 277 and 299. Photo by Fred Eisenhammer

GLENDALE – Charles Kenny makes no secret of the fact that one day he’d like to bowl the magical 900 series. He’s getting closer to doing it. The right-handed marksman crushed an 876 series with games of 300, 277 and 299 in league play a week and a half ago at Jewel City Bowl in Glendale. Kenny’s series represented 34 strikes out of a possible 36. It’s believed that the 876 is the second-highest sanctioned series in the San Fernando Valley area behind the 888 that Anthony Sharperson rolled in January 2011 at now-defunct Mission Hills Bowl.

Kenny surpassed his previous high series of 865. “I’m still on Cloud 9,” said the 35-year-old Kenny, known for his powerful shots. “I can’t believe it.” Kenny’s series included his 81st perfect game. He estimates his 800 count is in the 50s. His string of strikes ended in the third frame of the second game when he left three pins. Kenny converted the spare and finished striking the rest of the way. He started his third game with 11 strikes before leaving the four pin on his final shot.

“I want to get to 100 300s,” Kenny said. “My ultimate goal is to shoot 900 or the highest series in the Valley.”

No Los Angeles-area bowler has recorded a 300-300-300 series, although it’s been done 29 times across the country, according to the United States Bowling Congress.

Two new 900 series were rolled in January.

That Kenny made a valiant effort to reach 900 came as no surprise to those who bowl with him. He is averaging a sizzling 239 in the prestigious Bill Mossontee Majors league on Wednesday nights at Corbin Bowl. That figure is second best to Tim Tripp, who is averaging a blistering 243.

“He’s the best bowler I’ve seen for sure,” said ace Troy Gibson about Kenny. “He’s like a machine.”

Two years ago, Kenny recorded an amazing feat when he blasted four perfect games within one month – all at different bowling centers. Those venues included Winnetka Bowl, Santa Clarita Lanes, Mission Hills Bowl and Jewel City Bowl.

Kenny has been widely mentioned as one of the most likely players to become the first in this area to hit 900. Others given a strong chance are Bryan Alpert, Tripp, Johnnie Englehart, Jim Harvey, Matt Jones and many others. Englehart, another Mossontte league bowler, said that it’s inevitable one of the area bowlers will finally end the 900 drought. “There are just too many good ones,” said Englehart, who has blasted an 869.

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