Chris Ivey Finds Perfectos Are Habit-Forming
by Fred Eisenhammer


Chris Ivey is honored last month at Winnetka Bowl for his first perfect game.

WINNETKA – Ace bowler Joe Curry called it.

After Chris Ivey blasted his first perfect game at the end of March, Curry made a prophetic comment about Ivey’s future. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Chris gets another [300] next month,” Curry said. “They come in spurts.”

And that’s exactly what happened. Four weeks and one day after Ivey’s perfecto in March, Ivey rolled his second perfect game. This one – like his first – came at Winnetka Bowl. Ivey, who turns 32 in June, blistered games of 300, 204 and 222 for a sterling 726 series in the six-team Wednesday Nite Rollers league.

Ivey also rolled his first perfecto in his first game. “It was a total major shock,” said Ivey of his second 300. “I didn’t think I would get it that fast. I can’t believe I got it within a month. I’m so humbled. It’s so crazy how it worked out.”

As for Curry’s prediction, Ivey said: “He’s right on.” Curry, for the record, also has two perfect games. And he, too, collected them within a month. In his first perfect game, Ivey admitted he felt “really felt nervous” on his 12th and final shot.

This time around, Ivey, a powerful right-hander, was ready for his final attempt. “I had no nerves on this one,” Ivey said. “I just raised my arms in victory. I didn’t feel the shakes or jitters on the last shot.

I probably was calling it way too early. But it finished and exploded the rack. I didn’t flinch this time.” There were no cheapie strikes during Ivey’s second 300. All were no-doubt-about-it pocket hits. “I was just trying to stay in a zone,” he said.

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