First 200 Game Awards!


NLAC has a new award. This custom made coin is for those league bowlers that shoot their first 200 game. Their name score and date of achievement will be engraved on the front of the coin. This award is once in a lifetime. Contact your league secretary if this award applies to you so they can apply for it!! Good luck!!

first 200sPhoto (L-R): Suzanne Thomas, League Secretary, Saul Jenkins, League President, Sylvia Rubi, Award Recipient, Bryan C. Michaels, Award Recipient, and Nicholas Jarger, League Coordinator/Manager of Matador Bowl.

Sylvia Rubi – 200 – 9/18/15 – TGIF League – Matador Bowl
Bryan Michaels – 209 – 9/25/15 – TGIF League – Matador Bowl

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