For Adam Lew, His First 300 Was Definitely a Merry Occasion
by Fred Eisenhammer


Adam Lew mashed a 766 series with scores of 300, 256 and 210. Photo by Fred Eisenhammer.

WINNETKA – Adam Lew is still beaming over his first 300 game.

The powerful 34-year-old right-hander nailed his perfecto in his first game of league play in December at Winnetka Bowl, finishing with a flashy 766 series (300, 256, 210).

The final shot didn’t come easily for Adam. “Like most people, my heart was beating out of my chest and my legs were fairly rubbery. I was generally weak,” he said.

Still, Adam popped a strong shot that tagged the pocket. “It was a good shot,” said Adam, who sports a 220 average. “It was a hair high, but I tripped the 4 [pin].” It was the first time Adam had a shot at his first sanctioned 300 on his 12th and last ball.

Previously, his best start was 10 strikes. He is now proudly wearing his United States Bowling Congress-issued perfect-game ring. Said Adam: “Some people ask me why I wear it on my wedding finger and I’ll say, ‘It’s because I got married to the game.’ ”

Adam bowls in three leagues a week. He said bowling a perfect game satisfied one of his goals. His next target: his first 800 series. It appeared Adam might duplicate Scott Englehart’s effort of two-and-a-half years ago by bowling his first 300 and 800 series on the same night. Adam needed a 244 in his final game to reach the coveted 800 level and he seemed well on his way when he drilled strikes on his first six shots. But back-to-back opens in the seventh and eighth frames derailed his 800 attempt.

Still, Adam – who has blasted a 788 – is confident it’s just a matter of time before he reaches 800. He was asked what he would do with a USBC 800 series ring. “It will go on my pinkie,” said Adam, tapping his little finger on his left hand. “They [the rings] will go side by side.”

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