Here’s a Los Angeles Bowling Quiz
by Fred Eisenhammer

Los Angeles may not be the capital of the bowling world, but for many, it’s the center of their bowling universe. So in keeping with that L.A.-doesn’t-get-the-respect-it-deserves theme, we’re dedicating a bowling quiz to Los Angeles and its many talented bowlers.

To get in the mood of taking the Los Angeles Bowling Quiz, here’s some bowling humor:

Q: Why are football players not allowed in bowling centers?
A: After getting a strike, they spike the ball.


Q: What is the difference between Barry Zito and Walter Ray Williams Jr.?
A: Walter Ray knows how to throw a strike.

Now that you’re ready (hopefully), here goes the Los Angeles Bowling Quiz:

1 – In February, Charles Kenny blasted an 876 series with games of 300, 277 and 299 in league play. The series is believed to be the second-highest in San Fernando Valley history – surpassed only by the 888 that Anthony Sharperson recorded in 2011 at now-defunct Mission Hills Bowl. At which bowling center did Kenny roll his series?
a) Bowlero Woodland Hills
b) Corbin Bowl in Tarzana
c) Jewel City Bowl in Glendale

2 – What is the name of Mike Weekley’s band that qualified to perform in the prestigious Rockfest on May 14 at Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City?
a) Dirty Machine
b) Dirt Hogs
c) Dirty Jokes

3 – Tim Tripp nailed his first PBA Regional title in March by defeating Justin Spurrier in a one-game championship match. Tripp outscored Spurrier by how many pins?
a) 70 (245-175)
b) 40 (211-171)
c) 20 (188-168)

4 – The eclectic and electric “Girls With Balls” four-women bowling team has attracted local headlines for its creative name and fun-filled action. What league has that team competed in for more than a decade?
a) Superstars
b) Bill Mossontte Majors
c) Guys and Dolls

5 – At 20 years old, Justin Pluchino scorched a stunning 900 no-tap series (three perfect games) in May at Winnetka Bowl. How many of the 36 strikes were legitimate?
a) 11
b) 13
c) 29

6 – Blake McBride , Keith Nahan, Charles Kenny and Tim Tripp did something special on the same night in the Bill Mossontte Majors league at Corbin Bowl? What was it?
a) They each bowled a perfect game.
b) They each registered an all-spare game.
c) They each bowled a 299.

7– Which former Los Angeles Laker center will forever be linked to bowling because he sustained a serious knee injury bowling while he was rehabilitating an injury to his other knee?
a) Andrew Bynum
b) Vlade Divac
c) Elden Campbell

8 – What did Shirley Radamaker do on her 90th birthday in May?
a) She knocked down the 7-10 split.
b) She converted the 1-10 spare.
c) She rolled a strike with her eyes closed.

9 – What stunning announcement did 61-year-old charismatic bowler Russ Gothrick make?
a) He was retiring from the game because of an injury.
b) He was joining the PBA50 circuit.
c) He was buying a string of bowling centers.

10 – What does rising star Greg Kolski consider as the possible turning point of his career?
a) Bowling a whirlwind 100 games in one day in a practice session that lasted 13 hours 10 minutes.
b) Scoring a 182 game that was marked by all spares.
c) Rolling a 300 no-tap game

1c 2a 3a 4c 5c 6a 7a 8b 9a 10a

8-10 correct: A kingpin.
6-7: An expert.
4-5: Still learning the game.
0-3: Needs to enroll in a college bowling course.

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