by Tish

A very dear friend of mine, Adolf Noce, who happens to be 97 years old, has regained his footing on the lanes. This past Wednesday while bowling with his friends, Adolf rolled a 216.

It isn’t his first, nor will it be his last, but Adolf has fought hard to get here. I’ve had the pleasure of Adolf’s company and bowling wisdom for many years.

I first met him when I became the Youth Program director at Pickwick. Adolf was a volunteer coach at the time and I valued his participation. As time went on, I became aware of the wonderful man that he is and our friendship grew.

A few years ago, the love of his life, Annie (as he called her) became very ill and was hospitalized. Adolf would diligently & lovingly go to visit until he, himself, had a severe stroke and was hospitalized as well. Unfortunately, Annie passed while Adolf was fighting to regain control over his body. It broke my heart.

Adolf first returned to Pickwick in a wheel chair and we were all so happy to see him out & about as best he could at the time. Months later he attempted bowling again. The scores were not as he would have liked but he never gave up, coming every week to practice with his ‘cronies’. This Wednesday’s game of 216 is a culmination of my determined & dedicated friend’s passion for the sport.

If & when I get to 97 years of age, I can only hope… Congratulations, Adolf! You are an inspiration to us all.

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