In Memory of James Knapp (1995-2020)

It is with deep sadness to announce that one of our past CA youth bowlers has unexpectedly passed away on April 27, 2020. James Knapp won our 2015 Best Bowlers Come from California Scholarship award and bowled league at many centers in SoCal. James bowled collegiate and attended Huntington University in Indiana. He was a past DW Challenge champion, an extremely nice young man, an outstanding piano player and will be dearly missed. Our prayers go out to his family.


June 2015; — Congratulations to JAMES KNAPP from North Hollywood for winning our first “Best Bowlers come from California” scholarship. The CYC created this award for the bowlers that are going to turn adult and head off to college. We are giving them a $500 scholarship plus a free entry in to the CA State Open Championships. We are hoping to help these young adults transition from youth bowling to adult bowling. James was a past Champion from the 2014 DW Challenge earning first place in the Boys Scratch division. He has participated in all of the CA State tournaments such as the Pepsi Championships, CA State Championships and State Scratch, which is now the Diddy Watts Youth State Singles Challenge (DW Challenge). James bowled league at many centers including Corbin Bowl, Pinz, Mission Hills Bowl, and Keystone Lanes.

James is now attending Huntington University in Indiana, has joined their bowling team and is currently bowling in three leagues with the Fort Wayne USBC BA. James will also be back in town this summer so that he can bowl in his first CA State adult tournament at Forest Lanes this May. Congratulations James!

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