Jeremy Davis and His Team Enjoy a Boffo Night
by Fred Eisenhammer

Jeremy Davis knocked out his first 300 and 800 on the same night. And his team put up dazzling scores as well. Photo by Fred Eisenhammer

WINNETKA – It’s extremely rare when a bowler rolls his or her first 300 and first 800 series on the same night.

But Jeremy Davis pulled off that bowling Daily Double on Dec. 9 in the star-studded River Maniacs league at Winnetka Bowl.

Jeremy blasted an 822 series with scores of 257, 265 and 300, exceeding his previous best of 764 by a whopping 58 pins. His previous high game was a 290, which he had bowled “a handful of times.”

Jeremy, 31, said he “wanted the 800 more than the 300 and when I got a strike on my first shot in the 10th frame [of the third game], I knew I had it.”

That he bowled so magnificently “and got the monkey off his back” didn’t come as a complete shock to Jeremy.

“The last month, I’ve been averaging about 250,” said Jeremy, an Encino resident who competed four years on UC Santa Barbara’s bowling team.

Jeremy, a right-hander, concedes his perfect game came with a lucky shot – a Brooklyn “early in the game.” But he went on to nail his final six strikes without a hitch.

“He was throwing a good shot all night,” said teammate Julia Frias. “It was intense. We were all bowling really well that night.”

Jeremy said it was “kinda cool” to collect his first 300 and 800 on the same night, but he insisted what his team did that night was “more important” than his individual performance.

His three teammates also put together a stellar night – so much so that all four bowlers combined for a breathtaking 3016 scratch series for the three games.

Anchorman Justin Pluchino crushed a 780 series (260 average), which was 28 pins above his book average. Mike Olson, bowling third, finished with an outstanding 667 series, a 222 average and 10 pins above his book.

Julia totaled a 747 or 249 average, a healthy 35 pins above her book. Bowling leadoff, Jeremy averaged 274, 62 pins above his book.

“I’m all about the team,” Jeremy said. “I’d like to see the team get the accolades it deserves.’’

The team’s 3,016 score comes out to a stratospheric 251 a game for each bowler for the 12 games.

“That’s superb bowling,” said longtime elite bowler Rusty Bryant.

The United States Bowling Congress record for an Open three men/one woman series was set in 2010 by a team in Nottingham, Md., with a score of 3,162. That averages out to a blazing 263.5 average, which is still just a mere 12.5 pins above Jeremy’s team average.

“It was a real good night for all of us,” Julia said.

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