Karaoke Singers Take Their Best Shots at Corbin Bowl

by Fred Eisenhammer

TARZANA – Bowling centers aren’t just bowling centers. In fact, they’ve been so much more for a very long time. Corbin Bowl in Tarzana, for instance, has showcased a weekly karaoke night for more than 20 years. The program has lured a slew of celebrities who have dropped in unexpectedly. Tennis star Venus Williams reportedly was one high-profile individual who visited Corbin Bowl’s karaoke lounge about five years ago to glimpse the sometimes-talented vocalists, although she didn’t take part in the singing.

On Saturday, it was a rather routine karaoke night with many performers coming up once, twice, three times or more to put on a show. Corbin Bowl bills the event as “Karaoke in the all-new lounge every Saturday 9 p.m. to 1 a.m.” Bowlers and non-bowlers alike flock to the event.

Jennifer Lloyd, Kelly Weinstein and Emily Laflin sat up in front during the proceedings and took frequent turns wowing the gathering with tenders songs and love ballads, including a couple from “The Little Mermaid.” They were definitely the headliners for the night because they stayed on tune perhaps the longest of the constant stream of singers and would-be crooners.

Oftentimes, the 30-something trio got a strong round of applause for their efforts. They were not alone in making their presence felt on stage.

Greg Dunn selected an electrifying song, “Light My Fire,” to stir up the crowd with his rendition. Dunn said he comes to Corbin Bowl often for karaoke. “I must have sung ‘Light My Fire’ more times than Jim Morrison,” he said with a laugh.

Tom Kolski celebrated his birthday there on Saturday after taking out a group of friends at Marmalade Café in Calabasas earlier in the day.

“It was very fun to hear the people sing,” Kolski said. “Some good, some bad, but all it all, it’s just to have fun and hang with friends and get a couple of drinks. It’s fun to get up there and sing songs that you sing to in the car.” Kolski was feted by about 20 of his friends at the karaoke lounge and he also took his turn belting out a song. “I’d definitely go there again because it’s fun,” he said. “I always love going on stage and rocking the house!”

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