MIKE BLINKHORN Scores a Perfect 300 Game in TavernGuild Competition

July 12, 2016
PINZ Bowling Center

MIKE BLINKHORN  Scores a Perfect 300 Game in TavernGuild Competition at PINZ on Monday July 11, 2016!

A small crowd gathered around lanes 19/20 last night to see the Tavernguild’s Mike Blinkhorn roll 7, then 8, 9, 10 strikes in a row.   After the 11th X on the scoring monitor, more eyes were watching as Mike approached, then released the ball on lane 19.  It was a beautiful throw, hooking perfectly in the pocket and producing strike #12 to record a perfect 300 game!

When interviewed, Mike stated “it still hasn’t sunk in fully, but I can’t believe it.  A 300.  Wow…” Wow is right! Congratulations Mike!

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