We lost an Awesome woman today. My kids and family met her through our Bowling League at Jewel City back in March 2009. She was our Director and she gave up so much of her time to be there for our kids. She helped them not only every weekend but coordinated their Yearly State tournament trips. She made it feel like one big happy extended family, celebrating not just the Holidays but their birthdays as well. She helped make our league a place where all kids regardless of their ability or possible disability to feel welcome and cared for and enjoy true sportsmanship. I have seen so many awesome kids just Blossom thanks to her leadership. She paved the way and had an awesome staff to go with it, from her daughter Kimberly and dearest friend Joann and fantastic coaches it has been such a great place to spend our Saturdays. She was a great influence on our kids and was well loved! My Heart Breaks todayMyrna we Love you and will always remember the lessons you have given us and will always remember you with Love, Respect and Fondness. 

– Written by Stacy Hanna

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