NLAC Inspection Certification Team

Inspection Certification Team

Ken Doolittle – Measures the tilt of the Lanes.

Pat Doolittle – Records the Data Measurements transmitted to her by Jim Rhodes.

John Di Pietro – Measures the Crosswise Tilt and Lengthwise Tilt of the Pin deck, also checks that all foul lights are working.

Linda Di Pietro – Records the Measurements that Ken Doolittle informs her while measuring the tilt of the lanes.

Jim Rhodes – Measures the distance between the two side positions of the kickbacks, Width of the lanes, Width of the Gutters, distance of pin spot to edge of lane and depth of Gutters.

Jack Myers – Compiles data and where necessary transfers data to other sheets by use of a computer and printer and makes more copies (1. To the Center for them to make corrections of errors that have been circled. 2. The office of NLAC USBC (emailed) and 3. To USBC (emailed) and the signed original is given to Ken Doolittle for his file.)

During  Summer School Break, Sophie (John’s Niece) a youth assists with the recording of information.

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