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At the CUSBC Annual Convention on June 11, 2016, the delegation approved a By-Law change to increase the state dues to $2.00 per member – the increase will take effect on August 1, 2016.


Standard USBC Adult Membership: $20
($8 local $2 state, $10 national)
Transfer Fees Local: $8 • State and Local: $10
Basic membership for *Short Season League: $12 per league (10 weeks or less)
($3 local, $2 state, $7 national)


Standard USBC Youth Membership: $10
(National Processing Fee: $4 + Local Processing Fee: $5.50 + State Fee: $.50)
Upgrade to Junior Gold U12 Division: Additional $10
Upgrade to Junior Gold U15/U20 Division: Additional $30

Special Olympic: $16
(National Processing Fee: $4 + Local Processing Fee: $5.50 + State Fee: $.50)

By joining USBC, you will become a part of a family of almost two million members with access to the most exclusive offers, tournaments and opportunities available to bowlers throughout the United States.

At USBC, there are many benefits to being a member:

    • YOUR CERTIFIED AVERAGE. Your USBC average is nationally recognized and tracked. As your certified average is updated, you can track it with our league standing sheets of ‘Find A Member‘ functions on The Find A Member function on is a members-only section and does require a login. Please click here to create your login if you do not already have one.
    • NATIONALLY-RECOGNIZED RULES. USBC is the national governing body for the sport of bowling as recognized by the United States Olympic Committee. Your membership ensures that you bowl under nationally recognized rules and regulations.
    • EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS. As a member, the integrity of your game will never change. USBC ensures all bowling balls, pins, lane surfaces, oils, cleaners and more are inspected and certified, ensuring a fair and competitive game for all USBC members nationwide.
    • TOURNAMENTS. Your certified average is your ticket to local, state and national bowling tournaments! No matter your skill level,USBC has a tournament for you!
    • MEMBER REWARDS. Thousands of USBC members like you are saving money on their car insurance, gym memberships, cell phones, travel and much more with our Member Rewards program!


Also, your membership will help support the following:

    • TEAM USA AND THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT. Team USA relies on your support and represents YOU as they compete internationally and continue to push for bowling to become an Olympic sport.


*USBC Adult Basic membership
Bowlers competing in short-season leagues now can purchase a USBC Adult Basic membership.

Available for bowlers who compete in leagues that have 16 or fewer sessions, the membership costs $10, not including state dues, and provides a USBC-certified average so bowlers can compete in local, state and national tournaments.

In addition to the league having 16 or fewer sessions, the league must designate as a short-season league; the league’s prize fund will be bonded. Each USBC Adult Basic membership will be good only for that league, which means if a bowler wants to participate in another short-season league, they would have to purchase another USBC Adult Basic membership or upgrade to a USBC Adult Standard membership.

Membership cards are electronic only for the USBC Adult Basic membership. High score achievements will be recognized and officially recorded by USBC, but awards such as rings and plaques are not included in the USBC Adult Basic membership. Members do have the option to purchase high score awards.

Bowlers with a current Adult Standard membership would not be required to purchase a USBC Adult Basic membership to compete in a short-season league and would be eligible for honor score awards earned in the league.

At the 2012 USBC Annual Meeting, delegates approved a change to have all memberships end each July 31. The USBC Adult Basic membership was designed to provide a reasonably-priced alternative for proprietors and bowlers who want a USBC membership for short-season leagues, particularly in the spring or summer.

For Commonly Asked Questions about the new USBC Adult Basic Membership, please click here.

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